Can I Lose Weight Quickly with Medical Weight Loss?

Many people are looking for easy ways to lose weight as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, some turn to dangerous practices, like fad diets or weight loss pills. Though medical weight loss does not claim to work as “fast” as these other methods, it does produce successful, long-term results.

Below, nurse practitioner Jaime Hatchett discusses why weight-loss fads are harmful and how medical weight loss is a healthy way for individuals to reach their goals. Contact Renew Wellness Center in Sugar Land, TX to schedule an appointment and start your journey to a healthier weight.

What are weight-loss fads?

Weight-loss fads are popular diets or other practices that promise quick and easy results. However, these methods are often ineffective and even dangerous. For example, some fads involve severe calorie restriction, leading to malnutrition and disordered eating. Others encourage the use of diuretics or laxatives, which cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

Instead of relying on a fad, patients should focus on making sustainable changes to eating and activity habits to prevent weight gain. This can be achieved through medical weight loss.

How can medical weight loss help?

Medical weight loss programs are unique because they are supervised by a team of healthcare professionals. Renew Wellness Center uses a science-based program to target the underlying causes of weight gain and help patients adopt healthy behaviors they can sustain in the long term. Our program is personalized based on each patient’s unique health needs in Sugar Land, TX.

What does your program look like?

The first step is to attend a weight loss consultation with Jaime Hatchett. During this visit, we review your medical history and perform a physical exam. We may also order some tests to get a better understanding of your current health. A treatment plan may include information about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes encouraged to aid in weight loss.

Additionally, Renew Wellness Center may recommend prescription medications, vitamin supplementation, and hormone replacement therapy when appropriate. These practices are designed to target imbalances that contribute to weight gain.

Will I lose weight quickly?

No one should expect to lose unwanted weight overnight. However, you can expect some weight loss in the first few weeks after starting medical weight loss. Patients should follow their treatment plan closely and avoid fad diets or other unhealthy practices. With dedication, you can achieve your desired weight.

How much weight will I lose?

The amount of weight people lose depends on their individual goals and how well they stick to their program. Through regular check-ins, patients can track their progress and make adjustments to their treatment plan as needed.

We understand that weight loss is not always easy, and you may lose some motivation along the way. Our team is made up of educated and compassionate professionals who are committed to helping patients feel confident at every step.

Find successful weight loss results

Fad diets and weight-loss pills are not a safe way to lose weight quickly. Medical weight loss may be the answer if you want to reach your goals long-term. Renew Wellness Center offers personalized treatment plans and support for patients of all needs and backgrounds in Sugar Land, TX to succeed. Learn more about our program by meeting with nurse practitioner Jaime Hatchett today.


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