Five Signs Of Low Hormone Levels In Men And Women

When your hormone levels are off, it can seem like your world is spinning out of control. Everything from your appearance to your sleep schedule to your energy levels – and even your sex drive – can be thrown into disarray with hormonal fluctuations. In particular, men and women who are nearing or in the midst of andropause or menopause tend to experience a variety of uncomfortable, disruptive, and embarrassing symptoms. To help patients feel more like themselves again, physicians Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel and the award-winning team at Renew Wellness Center in Sugar Land, TX are proud to offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Discover five common signs and symptoms that may mean your hormones are unbalanced and find out how BHRT can help you get the relief you deserve.

What does BHRT do?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a fantastic solution for men and women who are experiencing unwanted symptoms of hormonal imbalance, hormone deficiency, menopause, andropause, or another hormone-related condition. The plant-based hormones used in BHRT are specially formulated to mimic the body’s natural hormones identically, making this an ideal treatment for patients who prefer a more natural alternative to traditional HRT. At Renew Wellness Center, Drs. Desai and Patel offer an array of hormone delivery options, including creams, injections, pellets, and more.

How do I know if I need hormone replacement therapy?

In some cases, people with hormone deficiencies simply feel like something is off, though they can’t always pinpoint what is making them feel unlike themselves. Oftentimes, however, hormone shifts, like menopause and andropause, bring about more specific and recognizable symptoms. Below are five of the most common signs and symptoms that may mean your hormones could use a boost with BHRT:

1. Fatigue: Feeling tired or having a general lack of energy is extremely common in men and women whose hormones are low and/or changing.

2. Mood changes: Patients with changing hormones or a hormone deficit often experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, or irritability that is out of character for them.

3. Hair loss: Both men and women can develop thinning hair or even hair loss as they enter menopause or andropause.

4. Sexual dysfunction: When testosterone and estrogen begin to decline, men and women may notice changes in their sexual function, including:

• Vaginal dryness (women)

• Erectile function (men)

• Loss of sensitivity

• Low libido

5. Weight fluctuation: Abnormal hormone levels can lead to weight gain, weight loss, or the inability to maintain a stable weight.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms or simply don’t feel quite like yourself these days, there’s a good chance that your hormones may be the culprit. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you can get rapid relief from your unwanted symptoms and start enjoying all that life has to offer once again.

Feel more energized, more satisfied, and more like yourself with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in Sugar Land, TX

With all the processes that our hormones control, it’s no wonder patients feel like completely different people when their hormone levels are off. Whether you’re going through menopause or andropause, have already gone through these changes, or have another hormone-related condition, you may be a candidate for BHRT. Take the first step toward regaining control of your body, mind, and life by calling Renew Wellness Center in Sugar Land, TX to schedule your private consultation with physicians Dr. Nina Desai and Dr. Dhara Patel today.


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