Meet Dr. Nina Desai:
The Expert Behind Renew Wellness Center

Have you ever wondered who is behind the revolutionary Renew Wellness Center? 

Dr. Desai is a well-renowned figure in the industry, serving as a national speaker for Cutera laser equipment, a speaker for Alma, and Key Opinion Leader for Obagi skin care. She has been credited with uplifting fellow professionals through her expertise on advanced technologies used by leading cosmetic physicians around the world! She draws from the exceptional medical foundation of her family, a legacy that values wellness and prevention. She further developed this knowledge with years of osteopathic training which she has used to craft her holistic approach to health care- blending aesthetic treatments with physical healing. Her mission is to help today’s busy women and men reach harmony between their bodies, spirit, and soul. Let’s learn more about this amazing woman and why she is a leading figure in the aesthetics field.

Dr. Desai is dedicated to helping her clients look their best through innovative clinical aesthetic services fused with laser technology. In addition to addressing existing skin issues, she helps her patients establish and maintain healthy habits for everyday self-care. As well as educating them on how to manage their beauty routine within the constraints of their busy lifestyles.

Dr. Desai is no stranger to the limelight, gracing the cover of Fort Bend Focus Magazine two times and being featured on the renowned Great Day Houston television program discussing skin health, facial rejuvenation techniques, body contouring solutions, and anti-aging treatments.

Not only does Dr. Desai help her clients look their best through aesthetic services but she is also an incredible advocate for giving back to the community. Each year she sponsors the fort bend women’s shelter as well as multiple school programs. She is a firm believer in giving back to our local community in any way she can. This shows just how passionate Dr. Desai is about helping people feel better both inside and out!

So if you are looking for a leader in the field of aesthetics then look no further than Dr. Desai when it comes to your aesthetic & wellness needs! She has cultivated a unique combination of her osteopathic medical training and aesthetic expertise to pamper the body, spirit, and soul! Whether you are looking for an expert opinion on skin health or facial rejuvenation strategies be sure to check out what Dr. Desai has to say – after all she is one of the most renowned names in the aesthetics field!


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